Donnerstag, 27. September 2007

"Rapid innovation" (2)

Ajax commented on my "Rapid innovation" post. As stuff in comments easily gets lost in the noise I'd like to quote it here:

Because the one part of 1.4 that's most broken is input, and we didn't think we had enough time to land that and also fix all the bugs in it before F8. That's why the X server contains tons of backports for everything outside of input.

Maybe rebasing earlier would have solved this. But, maybe not. I've seen basically zero patches from the Fedora community for X issues, and at least speaking for Red Hat's X team, reworking input isn't really high on our list of priorities, so fixing that would have taken away time from everything else we're already doing. So I don't have any reason to think rebasing earlier would have helped.

Many thanks for clarifying the issue Ajax. I expected there might be "good reasons" to not update to 1.4, but well, this post sounded much like "feature freeze" and left me (and likely other Fedora contributors as well as our users) totally in the dark why exactly we were not using xorg-server 1.4.

I ignored that for some time, but then came the WhyUpstream stuff and some minutes later I stumbled over that pile of patches that got applied to the xorg-xserver package and got a bit confused...

So thx again for all your work on X ajax, krh, airlied and the other X-heros Fedora and Red Hat have.

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