Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

Livna buildsys still down :-(

Just FYI, the Livna buildsys is still down(¹) -- thus the stuff written in a earlier post still holds true. Yes, I know, that really sucks :-/

(¹) -- that is actually not the whole truth, as that is even worse. The buildsys was actually up last sunday for a few hours. I build a bunch of new kmods for the latest F8 and F9 kernels. I signed them and started the push to the master server -- then the buildsys went off the net again :-((

Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Life is a bitch: Livna Buildsys down, thus no new kmod packages in Livna right now :-/

Life is a bitch -- the buildsys for livna is down again, thus I'm unable to build new kmod packages for the 2.6.26 kernels Fedora recently published for Fedora 8 and 9. Thus please be patient for a while; we'll build and publish them as soon as possible (but there is no ETA yet when the buildsys comes back; hopefully soon).

If you really need a new kmod for the 2.6.26 kernels you can either use akmods (Fedora 9 only) or follow the steps to manually rebuild a kmod srpm.

Example how to use akmod-nvidia on Fedora 9:

yum install akmod-nvidia

Just restart after that; the kmod should get compiled and installed on next startup. You might need to restart a second time before the nvidia driver gets enabled again -- there was a bug which was fixed just recently.

But there is one more problem: at least the akmods/srpms in the repos for iscsitarget, madwifi and qc-usb are not compiling with 2.6.26 yet :-/ Some of the maintainers have patches for this, so this problems hopefully will also be fixed quickly once the buildsys is back. I was told akmod-madwifi from devel might work, but someone else said it compiles, but doesn't work :-/

For RPM Fusion things hopefully will get better, as the buildsys seems to be more reliable. And we have two x86-builders, so one of them can go down without causing trouble. Ohh, and we'll be able to build kmod packages quicker thanks to the second builder.

akmods - compile kmod packages when needed

I never mentioned it in my blog and it seems many people are not aware of it yet: the livna repos for Fedora 9 and Fedora development not only contain pre-compiled kernel-modules in kmod packages (e.g. kmod-nvidia, kmod-madwifi, ...); they also contain akmod packages (akmod-nvidia, akmod-madwifi, ...), which contain the sources for the kmod as source rpm (srpm). That srpm will dynamically get compiled and installed by the akmod scripts on startup in case the kmod for the kernel you booted were not found. That not only works for kernel from Fedora; it should work with kernels you complied yourself as well, as long as the files needed to compile kernel modules are available.

Note that kmods and akmods work nicely together. E.g. you normally install both akmod-foo and kmod-foo; if the kmod-foo is not found during bootup for the kenrel you booted akmods will step in and compile a kmod-foo for you.