Montag, 3. März 2008


As some of you know: I live in Hannover. Yes, that Hannover where tomorrow CeBIT will start.

We don't have much snow in Hannover normally. Round about 2 to 7 days each year I'd say, most of the time in December or January. This winter we haven't had snow at all IIRC -- just one day there was a bit Industrieschnee. The first sights of spring showed already up in the garden over the past two weeks.

But it seems every year when CeBIT starts its getting cold again and starts to snow. So guess what the weather prediction predicts for Hannover in the next few days: Light snow.

Can't believe it. I think all the visitors will yet again get the wrong impression about the weather in Hannover... No wonder why some people call it SnowBIT...