Sonntag, 30. September 2007

fedoradev-pkgowners -- get package owners from pgkdb

Could not really sleep last night :-(( -- the cold I had one or two weeks ago came back on Friday and was likely the reason for it.

So I went down into the living room again a 1:00 in the morning and looked to work on something easy. I had a rough "look the owner of a package up by its name using the bugzilla data in the pgkdb" script lying around at which I took a closer look again -- I started to write it some weeks ago, because I got more and more annoyed when people posted mails like "the following 42 packages needs to be rebuild because some good reason" on fedora-devel and then just putting the list of packages names below it. It's better then not sending such mails, but for people with more then n packages (n likely something between 10 and 25 packages) it's not really helpful, as they can easily miss one of their packages in such a list.

Thus I improved and polished that script (nearly 250 lines in total now, including license and comments :-/) and upload it to the wiki today, as it's likely useful for other Fedorians as well. You can find it on the UsefulScripts page (which, btw, needs a cleanup afaics) now.

Here is a example how it can be used:
$ ./fedoradev-pkgowners ntfs-3g enigma gnome-desktop \
kdebase | sort | column -t
rstrode gnome-desktop
spot ntfs-3g
than kdebase
thl enigma
$ #
$ echo "ntfs-3g enigma gnome-desktop kdebase" | ./fedoradev-pkgowners \
--fasfile fasdata --email --pkgdbfile tmp/bugzilla | sort | column -t
rstrode gnome-desktop rstrode_[AT]
spot ntfs-3g tcallawa_[AT]
than kdebase than_[AT]
thl enigma fedora_[AT]
It likely has still some bugs in it as I wrote big parts of it in the middle of the night (which is really unusual for me -- I'm not one of those that works in the night normally), but it's a start and hopefully useful for others as well.

Thinking about it: wouldn't it make sense to put this and some of the other scripts into a fedoradevtools package? That would make it easier for people to get this and similar scripts and keeping them up2date. The idea is similar to the concept from rpmdevtools (which IMHO is a rea success), but putting fedora-specific things into that package seems wrong to me.

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