Sonntag, 30. September 2007

How to use the wiki properly

Keeping docs like the Proposed Fedora Features or Schedule pages in the Wiki up2date seems to be boring task for a lot of people (including me) -- often it's done rarely. For the Proposed Features John Poelstra does a good job of poking people when needed and takes care of the pages himself as well (thx for that John).

Matthias Clasen at the moment demonstrates how good the wiki can work if people update the status and proceedings of a task in the wiki properly: he keeps the Clock Applet page update nearly daily (with screenshots!) -- thus it's easy to follow the progress by subscribing to the page, even without being involved directly with the task. Matthias even reacted to a comment I put on the page.

Really nice -- that's how it's supposed to work, but often doesn't. Thx Matthias and keep up with your good work!

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Michael hat gesagt…

Unfortunately, many Wiki editors still don't fill in the "Comment" field when publishing changes to a page. Due to that the Fedora Project Wiki RSS feed is less useful.