Sonntag, 30. November 2008

Number 3: Ginger

Three and a half years ago Linus & Lucy moved in. Now they got someone to play with: Ginger

Welcome Ginger, hope you'll like it. Ohh, and Ginger, if you read this: Please stop playing on the edge of the floor above the stairs! You can fall down there easily (remember: you were close to falling down there a few times already!) and chances are big that you'll break your neck if you do.

P.S.: We considered to stick to names from Peanuts. Pig-Pen would have fit Gingers look, but well, she's (a) a girl and (b) that not really a good name for a cat. Hopefully Ginger sticks with us -- the original Ginger always tried to escape from "home".

Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Enable RPM Fusion during Fedora install

To all those that install the brand new Fedora 10: If you enable the RPM Fusion online repositories during install you'll in F10 and later will automatically get some of the packages installed that RPM Fusion provides. Which packages? Well, that depends on what software you choose; if you for example stick to GNOME you'll get gnome-mplayer and some gstreamer plugins by default.

For details how to use RPM Fusion during install please take a look at the documentation in the RPM Fusion wiki. It also holds some information's how to enable RPM Fusion after installing Fedora.

See also:

Montag, 10. November 2008

RPM Fusion for EL in the early testing stage

A lot of people in the past asked for a „Livna for RHEL/CentOS“. There were rough plans to create one, but they got dropped immediately when the idea to merge Livna with other 3rd party repositories for Fedora came up. That lead to RPM Fusion being formed,which was announced one week ago.

Sharp eyes will have noticed that the announcement did not contain any information's regarding support for EL. That was on purpose – we focused on getting RPM Fusion running, hence the EL branch (which was planed right from the start) did not get as much love as the Fedora branch. But the EL branch is in the works and some of the most important RPM Fusion packages have been built for EL already. Xine and xine-lib-extras-freeworld for example are available in the testing repository already; the AMD and Nvidia drivers are still missing, just like mplayer and vlc. But all of them should hopefully get into the repositories over the next few weeks.

You can already help testing the RPM Fusion packages for EL repositories by enabling it with this command:
rpm -ivh

Some of the RPM Fusion packages for EL require bits from EPEL, hence it's necessary that you have EPEL configured and enabled as well – just like you had to enable Fedora Extras to use Livna in the Fedora Core days. Just remember that the RPM Fusion for EL repositories are still in the early stages. Also not that you for now need to enable epel-testing, as some of the RPM Fusion packages depend on packages that are currently in epel-testing. That requirement should hopefully vanish with the next testing -> stable move in EPEL. The RPM Fusion for EL repositories of course don't replace and packages from EL or EPEL.

Note that not all RPM Fusion contributors have interest in building their packages for EL (just like not all Fedora contributors participate in EPEL). Hence we could need some help and people with rpm packaging skills that help getting the RPM Fusion repositories for EL filled and maintained. If you are interested contact me in private or (preferred) join the mailing list and just start to help.