Dienstag, 27. März 2007

I can still write spec files

My Fedora involvement in these days seems to me more in housekeeping/organization areas than packaging. But it seems I haven't lost all of my packaging skills in the past months and got two new Packages into Fedora over the weekend: rss2email and python-html2text -- the latter is needed by the former. Patrice Dumas, thanks for the quick review.

BTW, that's all your fault Max -- you shamelessly placed the idea of running an rssfeed-to-email daemon or cron job in my head with your blog post months ago. But rss2email suited my needs better than newspipe, which seems to be your preferred choice.

You're wondering what rss2email actually does? Well, it reads a rss or atom feed and sends all new (or, if you like, updated) entries to you by mail (html or plain text -- whatever you prefer). You can even use different e-mail addresses per feed and point the output directly to the proper IMAP folder that way.

Why all that? Easy: with rss2email I don't have to synchronize a rss-reader's settings-directory between different computers, I don't have to run and learn and additional application and I don't have to tell any web-service which feeds I like.

My usual way of browsing the web changed dramatically due to rss2email already -- I spend even more time in Thunderbird now (is that possible? I'm there already a lot to read all those mailing lists...) and less in Firefox.

BTW, is anyone still interested in having websec in Fedora? I'm using it on one of my servers for ages, but it seems I accidentally never packaged it up for Fedora :-(