Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

thl and knurd @ LinuxTag 2009 and Fudcon Berlin 2009

I just arrived in Berlin at the fairgrounds where LinuxTag 2009 and Fudcon 2009 are held. I'm staying till Sunday evening, but like so often I have to split my attention and time as I'm partly here for my employer and partly for fun/Fedora (just like last year at Red Hat Summit Boston).

As usual that's creating some interesting problems where I ideally wound like to be at two places at the same time :-/

Friday will get most complicated. I for example can't visit the Fudcon-Keynote from Jan Wildeboer, as I'm giving a "Kernel-Log" talk as part of the "Kernel Track" of LinuxTag at just the same time. That wasn't planed like that, but seems Jonathan Corbet canceled his trip and thus can't give his well know and always interesting "The Kernel report"; I three or four weeks ago was asked to fill the position and accepted (presentation is basically finished; luckily Linus closed the merge window a few hours ago). Note that I'm giving that talk in German, not in English, as Jonathan would have done.

I also have time and space problems for the barcamp pitching session at 5 pm local time: Together with Nils Magnus from LinuxTag e.V. / Linux New Media I'm moderating the Kernel Kwestioning at that time, where the audience can ask some kernel developers on stage a few questions.

And that are only the hard scheduled events which I really can't miss. I also want (have?) to hear at least two of the other talks (Union Mounts and Ksplice) from the Kernel track on LinuxTag, so I likely walk back and forth between Kernel track and Fudcon a lot on Friday. But I hope to join the Fudcon crowd early for Fudpub in the evening -- I mean, I likely *have to*, as the Fudpub otherwise might run out of pizza and drinks before I arrive (you know how Fedorians are...).

Remains to be seen how long I can stay at Fudpub, as I still have to prepare my presentation on RPM Fusion which I'm giving at 2 pm on Saturday on Fudcon. I'll give that talk in English -- I'm not completely sure yet if that works out, but I guess I have to give it a try sooner or later. So remember to bring eggs and tomatoes to throw them on the stage if my English is way to worse ;-)

So, see you on LinuxTag and Fudcon! This is how I look like. But note, I had to buy a add-on a few months ago: now with glasses (often, not always) ;-)

P.S.: Headline-Explanation: those that contribute to Fedora for a long while will remember that I used to be known as "thl" in the Fedora -world initially. But I already was and still am "thl" at work and a few years ago decided it might be better to use a different nick in the Fedora world -- after a bit of thinking I chose "knurd". That way it's at least a bit harder (especially on IRC!) to get the connection "Ohh, the thl that writes the kernel-log for c't/ is also the one that contributes to Fedora", which I think is a good thing. But it's not really a secret anyway, as rare blog entry like this make it obvious. But trying to keep it a real secret would not work anyway, as the name "Thorsten Leemhuis" quite rare, so it's not that hard to find out anyway.

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Jeremy Katz hat gesagt…

For what it's worth, I've never noticed a problem with your spoken English. So don't worry about it, you'll be great :-)