Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

rpmfusion-{,non}free-remix-kickstarts -- or -- knurdix

There was always the idea to build a linux distribution with RPM Fusion packages within the RPM Fusion project -- e.g. live media and installer spins ^w remixes that are basically a distribution like Fedora under a different name and with some packages from RPM Fusion. There is/was Omega 10, which until now never became the official spin for one reason or another. Recently some other work was done to get one step closer to create a official "Fedora Remix" from RPM Fusion sooner or later:

RPM Fusion since a few weeks contains the packages rpmfusion-free-remix-kickstarts and rpmfusion-nonfree-remix-kickstarts in the repositories for Fedora 11 and Rawhide. They just like the Fedora package spin-kickstarts contain kickstart files that can be used to create your own linux distribution live-image using the Fedora Package Collection and Fedora's livecd-tools. A installer image is still on the todo list and might need some fixes in anaconda and the rpmfusion-{,non}free-release packages afaics.

The kickstart files in the two RPM Fusion packages are pretty basic: They simply include the kickstart files from Fedora, remove the Fedora branding, add the generic branding and add the repo definitions for RPM Fusion. That's basically it, because the comps groups from RPM Fusion extend the groups that Fedora defines and thus you automatically get all the packages you want depending on what's defined in the RPM Fusion comps files -- that is for example gstreamer-plugins-ugly and gstreamer-ffmpeg in the case of the Gnome groups and xine-lib-extras-freeworld for the KDE remix.

As a proffce of concept I created four remixes (Desktop and KDE for i586 and x86_64) for testing purposes and uploaded them to to the web for public testing. But warning: They are basically untested and just meant to show what's possible. Ohh, and due to the lack of a better name I just called them "knurdix" ;-) We'll need to find a different name for the official RPM Fusion images (which might be simply "RPM Fusion" or something else that sounds better).

Hopefully those packages and the kickstart files in it can help to get some people interested in the idea of a RPM Fusion remix -- maybe enough people to build and maintain official "Fedora remixes" with packages from RPM Fusion" in the long term. If you are interested to help just join the rpmfusion-developers list and share your ideas. Or get in contact with me directly, but the mailing list is the preferred way.

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