Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

yum install thunderbird-enigmail

The RPM Fusion Free package repositories now(¹) contain the popular thunderbird extension enigmail for F9, F10, F11/rawhide and EL-5. To install it just configure RPM Fusion and run:

# yum install thunderbird-enigmail

Big "thanks!" goes to Remi Collet for packaging it up and submitting it for Review in RPM Fusion.

The package is especially helpful for users of rawhide/Fedora 11, as the enigmail homepage doesn't offer prebuild extensions for the thunderbird beta that Fedora 11 contains. It's also nice for users of Fedora for x86-64, as the add-ons on the enigmail homepage sometimes were outdated.

Additional note: Normally RPM Fusion doesn't take any packages that are suitable for Fedora to avoid getting in Fedora's way. But earlier attempts to get thunderbird-enigmail into Fedora have failed, so we took it; hopefully the package can be moved to Fedora sooner rather than later!

(¹) might take up to something like 32 hours till your yum sees it due to mirror lag and metadata caching


mether hat gesagt…

what earlier attempts to push the extension in Fedora was made and how did it fail? I am curious.

Thorsten Leemhuis hat gesagt…

mether said:
> what earlier attempts to push the extension in Fedora was made

I only know

and remember multiple discussions on the fedora-lists darkly; please ask remi for details

Anonym hat gesagt…

I hope spicebird-enigmail is to follow soon ;)