Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009


Dear GNOME project,

thanks for running the "GNOME 3.0 General Sociological Research" survey and putting the results online.

A small note: If you ask people if they use foo, bar, baz or foobar and most people select foo, that that's it. Nothing more. And definitely don't conclude "Nearly 3/4 of the people use foo for it's stability, compatibility and ease of use", because the latter part is a personal option if there wasn't a question "why do you use foo" with checkboxes "stability", "compatibility" and "ease of use" next to it.

Personal opinions like that render the whole conclusion unbelievable and make things look highly unprofessional.


silwenae hat gesagt…

I don't believe this was sponsored by the GNOME Foundation.

If you look at his first post on the GNOME Usability mailing list regarding this survey, he started it on the Ubuntu Forums:


The fact that he posted it on the GNOME wiki (which anyone can edit) doesn't mean GNOME sponsored it.


nicu hat gesagt…

A bit of research shows is was also announced on fedoraforum.org and was discussed on the GNOME usability list, but indeed is very unprofessional to run it as a Google spreadsheet and conduct it over distro forums.

The conclusions are wrong and the questions could have been worded better.