Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

First steps of the transition from Livna to RPM Fusion begins soon

Over the next few days (likely on Tuesday evening CEST) we'll begin to slowly move users from Livna over to RPM Fusion by activating the RPM Fusion free and nonfree rawhide repos for livna-devel users.

The plan to realize that transition is quite simple: We'll add the rpmfusion-release packages for RPM Fusion's free and nonfree rawhide repos to the livna-devel repo; then we'll build a new livna-release package that tracks those two rpmfusion-release packages in with a hard dep. That way all users that installed livna properly (e.g. by installing the livna-release package) will get RPM Fusion enabled automatically. Yum/PK will download a big bunch of updates during the next update, as all the packages were build anew for RPM Fusion; but rawhide users are likely used to that, so this should hopefully not be a big problem ;-)

Note, nearly all of livna's packages have been imported and build for RPM Fusion, but a few are still missing. So you should leave livna-devel enabled for now if you want everything. Once all the packages have a new home we'll let the rpmfusion-nonfree-release package obsolete livna-release. But please note that all the packages that have been imported to RPM Fusion will not be updated anymore in livna-devel from now on, to save work for repo and package maintainers!

The plan is to move livna users of F8 and F9 over to RPM Fusion with the same trick sooner or later. But some things in RPM Fusion need to get brought in shape before we start considering that. But if you want you can already help by using and testing RPM Fusion for F8 and F9 by running this command:

rpm -ivh \ \

And if you installed a Fedora Beta or Rawhide then from now on use the following command to enable RPM Fusion for rawhide:

rpm -ivh \ \

Please spread the news, to make sure all the docs in the internet get updated! tia!

P.S.: Some of you might have noticed already, the livna mailing lists (like freeworld{,-graphics} are dead since a few weeks; the hard disk in Anvil's mailman host died afaik (I don't know more details; sorry). But Livna will be superseded by RPM Fusion soon anyway, so simply use the RPM Fusion mailing lists from now on. They should serve well for the remaining time, as all the livna contributors should be subscribed there as well. Sorry for the trouble.

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Rex hat gesagt…

Great work. Many thanks to your efforts and those of all other rpmfusion contributors.