Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

Livna buildsys still down :-(

Just FYI, the Livna buildsys is still down(¹) -- thus the stuff written in a earlier post still holds true. Yes, I know, that really sucks :-/

(¹) -- that is actually not the whole truth, as that is even worse. The buildsys was actually up last sunday for a few hours. I build a bunch of new kmods for the latest F8 and F9 kernels. I signed them and started the push to the master server -- then the buildsys went off the net again :-((

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Where can I go to read about what a buildsys is? I've tried Googling, but didn't give me much information, and was just baffling to me.

I don't want to add to anyone's frustration by asking all the questions that are on my mind--I just want to learn what there is to know.