Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

thl left Red Hat Summit 2008, knurd now at FUDCon ;-)

FYI, if you are attending Red Hat Summit or FUDCon: I mostly finished my work as member of the press now and thus I have a bit more time to talk to all of you that are around. Sorry, my work kept me a bit busy over the past few days so I didn't find enough time to talk to all of you I meet :-/

While at it a small disclaimer (added later: and a bit of advertising): A few people asked what kind of stuff I'm actually writing about. That's easier to answer these days as some of the stuff I'm writing is translated into English for our UK online publication. You there for example find some of the things I wrote from the summit (like these two). There is more to come; due to timezone differences and a bit of time to translate things to English it sometimes takes a while to get published.

But reporting from event like the Summit is a special thing. I normally test hardware (mainly motherboards and their chipsets, sometimes CPUs). I'm also kind of the main "linux hardware guy" for our magazine (where I'm still known as thl like I used to be in Fedora until a year or two ago). To do the latter properly I'm following quite a lot of linux projects to know what's up in linux-hardware-land -- for example by reading LKML. I not only use those information's in my day work -- I also write about the most important things that happened in a column that's called "kernel-log" (which not only reports about the linux kernel; there are often information on X or other things that are important for linux hardware support). You can find kernel-log examples (1, 2) in the UK publication as well (but not all of them get translated). In addition I write quite long "what's new in Linux 2.6.x" articles when new kernels come out. Examples (warning, they are quite long thus you need a bit of time to read them): 2.6.24, 2.6.25.

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