Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2007

VMWare util and driver packages

Dear Fedoraweb,

Is anyone around who's interested in maintaining open-vm-tools packages (kernel modules and userland utils for VMWare products) in Livna (and RPM Fusion, once I or ixs get around of setting up FAS and the look-aside cache for CVS)? The package are prepared already and mostly reviewed (see 1664 and 1665), but the packager switched all his systems from Fedora to Gentoo (good luck with that Brandon!) and abandoned the packages after a final update (thx for hat Brandon!). He mentioned in bugzilla that the packages work for him; and it seems they work fine for duke as well, as they have a slightly enhanced version of those packages in their repo. I'll of course help with the final review steps and the Livna import.

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joshuadf hat gesagt…

I may be interested once RPMFusion is up. The main reason is that I will probably be supporting el5 running under VMWare Fusion for developers soon, but Livna is only Fedora IIRC.