Samstag, 13. Oktober 2007

Fedora planet and english speaking feeds

The current discussion on "fedora planet and english speaking feeds" IMHO is a good example for what I call the "Fedora knows better then you what's good for you and thus Fedora only gives you what Fedora thinks is best"-attitude which IMHO becomes more and more a problem in different areas of the project.

IOW: There is no black and white here. Some people want a multi-lingual feed, others a english-only one (and likely others a German or a French one as well) -- there are good arguments for both sides. Thus we need to give people the choice here and have a sane default -- otherwise people stop reading Fedora Planet (like for example Pete did), which is not what we want. So thanks Airlied for setting such a feed up.

I hope we can have the feed alongside the current one on in the future -- e.g let be the default and multi-lingual while (or ?) serves those who want English only. Problem solved, everybody happy.

BTW: I don't care much about the non-english content -- the amount for me was up to now still acceptable. Okay, sometimes it was starting to become annoying and nearly reached the this-is-really-annoying trigger level -- but only nearly for me. But I suppose sooner or later with more feeds being tracked it would have been triggered, as it did now for Lennart afaics.

Further: A non-english post on an english-only planet now and then IMHO is likely no problem and I assume acceptable for everyone. It's normal that some post are off-topic in the blog/planet world afaics -- just like the post from Lennart was not really on topic for other planets like

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