Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007

I need a new Laptop

I need a new Laptop. I was thinking about that for months already, but the wish to actually buy one gets bigger and bigger...

Why you ask? Well, the machine itself was fast enough for me when I bought it three years ago. It likely would still be fast enough if I would run CentOS 4 or something similar on it, but with recent Fedora releases the machines feels to slow. It has just 512 MByte of RAM and afaics these days that's not enough to run Gnome, Gnome-terminal, Thunderbird, Firefox and Pidgin in parallel without swapping. In fact there is enough free RAM when I start the machine and those apps freshly, but after some days of use (software suspending it in between) with running in between the RAM is filled; so the machine starts swapping and a "yum update" makes everything nearly unusable slow.

Does anybody remember the good old days when Linux needed less hardware resources? Seems that was long long ago...


Kevin Kofler hat gesagt…

Try KDE, Konsole, KMail, Konqueror and Kopete instead, maybe that'll need less memory. :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

As you are from Germany, you should go for a Wortmann Laptop (

They run Linux very well!

Kevin Fenzi hat gesagt…

You could also try Xfce. ;)
'yum groupinstall XFCE'.

I am pretty happy with my dell d820.
It has had some quirks, but then all laptops seem to. The 1920x1200 screen is super nice, it's quite fast, etc.

Also, another possibility: Can you add some memory to your existing laptop cheaply?

jeremy hat gesagt…

Memory is a huge benefit -- so the cheap solution is probably to add some memory and then you'll be able to get by.

But if you want to go all the way, then I still recommend going with all Intel stuff (video, wireless, etc) although the slow progress with iwlwifi getting to "not craptastic" has me a little annoyed with them at the moment ;-)

Béranger hat gesagt…

Isn't this called "progress"?

If you can have more RAM (because it's cheaper), then you must have new RAM (even if your old hardware doesn't support it).

I remember of those times when software was designed to match the hardware limitations. Nowadays, you have to upgrade your hardware to be able to run the software.

Remember, they call it "progress". To me it's rather something between consumerism and idiocy -- which is mostly the same thing.

I would need a new laptop too. The problem is that my old HP hergestellt in 2000 still works perfectly. Why should I bend to consumerism? Just to run the latest GNOME? Thanks, but no, thanks.

Try wmaker and dillo :-p

Anonym hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

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