Samstag, 14. April 2007


'Our informal corporate motto is "Don't be evil."' -- that's written on the top of Google's Code of Conduct. Well, they managed that in the beginning imho when they were still a search engine and not much more. But they are becoming evil more and more in my eyes -- they were imho more then big enough already to be trusted and had much to much control over the Web already. Now they are buying DoubleClick. That really makes me anxious; where will that end? I'm starting to fear a Google controlled Internet where I can't visit a website without having "Big Brother Google" watching me. Just imagine what might happen if Google buys Microsoft (or vice versa); just a cooperation would be bad enough probably. <Prediction of the day>But I suppose Google will buy Canonical first</prediction of the day> ;-)

Google until now was one of the rare sides that were allowed to set cookies on my machine for more than one session as I had some settings saved that influenced what search results I get and how they are formated. That will change now. I'll probably look out for another blog hosting, too, and will try to get rid of gmail (which I'm using for jabber only anyway).


HeikoAdams hat gesagt…

Just take a look at it's a good adress if don't want to host your blog on your own server

Rudd-O hat gesagt…

Könnte ich dir ein Turbocharged Paket schenken? Frag mich an in

Anonym hat gesagt…

I got worried as well and thought, isn't there an anti-monopoly commission supposed to take a look at this merge/buy out ?

But I think that the internet is so vast that what could happen is once google absorbs/take out of business all Internet Ad companies, then that bussness will become irrelevant because they would have no need to be on the edge anymore and every single add shall be a biased add.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Google will eat itself! See..