Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007

Home from FUDCon Boston 2007

Made it home from FUDCon fine. This time the flight worked well so I was at home on Monday morning local time. Haven't had that much luck earlier on my way to Boston -- we had a four hours delay in Paris CDG because they had to fix one of the engines :-( . We were in the plane all the time, so including the flight I got stuck in it for about 12 hours...

FUDCon was great, so it was worth the flight over the ocean -- especially meeting all those people from IRC real life was great, but even three days were not enough time to talk to each and everyone I wold have like to talk to. For the next conference I'll try to prepare a shirt or a cap that has my nick printed on it in big letters -- that should hopefully help that people find me on the first day :-) .

The Barcamp format was nice and worked quite well. The time was to short to visit all the session I was interested in -- I for example could not attend to the key signing party or the Live-CDs stuff. Got quite a bit of work done and stuff discussed during FUDCon and the Hackfest on Saturday/Sunday. Between discussion EPEL, mailing lists, kernel modules, a FESCo meeting and other stuff (side note: we forget to talk where we want to put the Extras wiki-pages after the merge) I reviewed some packages. I chose to work on xorg-x11 stuff -- don't know if that was a wise. I stopped reviewing xorg-x11-drv-* packages soon, as I found some issues in the first two packages that will likely be in others as well -- so it's probably wise to sort them out first before continuing.

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